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No Liability

Fidelity Helps aims to spread information around the world in the domain of financial & investment services. In any case, because of the a lot of accessible vulnerabilities in the computerized world, we will, undoubtedly, keep up certain terms of regulations. Thus we declare that Fidelity Helps proprietor, partners, related and workers are not answerable to you for loss, damage and all other problems at all. In case of virtual or non-virtual misfortune, harm, loss of information, or issue of any sort; we will be free of all accountabilities. Additionally, at any point we neither claim nor give you the assurance that all the given data, information and guidelines will be flawless & error free in terms of language, technique, procedure and method. We could not be held responsible for any loss result from any below mentioned reason:

  • By investing your money following our instructions.
  • Due to prevailed uncertainties & not updated guidelines on our site. 
  • While accessing our site or acting according to our investment plan on your device or contacting us through email, chat and dialing phone number. 
  • In the event of digital attack, hacking or stolen information after or before using our investment services or site. 
  • Due to bugs & virus or any other malign object which might be transmitted to or through our site.

No Warranty

Human errors are beyond control. Hence, as we are also human, mistakes can occur while writing & uploading blogs & content. XZY alerts you against the possible error present in the content, blog and set of information available in our site, related to our financial product & services. The presence of typographical, photographic, or evaluating mistakes related to price, rate, availability are undeniable. We don't make promises that every piece of information available on our site related to the Stock market, Mutual Funds & other products is accurate, precise, up to date or valid. Fidelity Helps holds the privileges of making changes in the shared informed information through our site. Also, be informed that the decision to make changes is totally subject to our discretion. Any kind of changes in reference with our services could be done without informing you in advance.

In case if you want us to make any kind of modification or changes, you can contact us but the decision of accepting your request of making changes lies in the hand of our management. We reserve the right not to entertain your request. Using our site continuously by you shows that you are agreeing to our terms of services and accept the risk associated with using our services or website. In case you don't agree to our terms and conditions, we urge you to stop accessing our website and services without any second thought. 

Content Uploading & Sharing 

Users who visit our site and write for us voluntarily are exclusively answerable for the quality of content/blog/Article related to financial services. Only they would be responsible for violating any copyright law, giving incorrect, unreal and false information. The same goes with submitting restrictions, data, the content, programming, contents, illustrations, photographs, sounds, music, recordings, intelligent highlights, messages, audits and assessments about items, administrations and happenings, remarks whether openly or secretly transmitted or posted on the site.

Fidelity Helps doesn't underwrite and has no power over the content & blogs given by the outsider. However, we always put our best efforts to offer quality & latest information about all financial assets. But, due to the plenty of uncertainties prevailing in the world Stock market; we can't give you the guarantee to always offer accurate information. Undoubtedly, we appeal to our writers to write and share only quality content on Fidelity Helps site. But, checking the accuracy of each and every content is not definitely not practically possible for us. That's why we recommend you to get in touch with your original service providers for accurate and intact services.

Once again we announce that Fidelity Helps makes no guarantees, express or suggested, with regards to the content posted or presented by our internal or outsider writers. The quality, effectiveness, exactness, culmination, wellbeing, practicality, legitimateness of the information available on our site are free from all kinds of claims and accountabilities.

Trademark & Copyright

All blogs, images, & information available about various investments & financial services  on this site are secured and protected by the exclusive copyright and trademark laws. Anyone whether he/she is our user or not, can't use the content for their own benefits unless Fidelity Helps gives the approval in writing. Moreover, accessing Fidelity Helps site or its content in any way subject to our Terms of services and Privacy policy which you accept by accessing this site or hiring our services.


By using our Fidelity Helps site and accepting our terms you confirm that you will not go against Fidelity Helps in any way. Whether you take our financial services or not, even if you visit our site once a week or month or year, you confirm that you will not take action against Fidelity Helps, lawfully or outside of the lawful procedure related to financial services and investment solutions.

By utilizing our financial services you promise that you won't malign the brand value of Fidelity Helps and you won't misuse its services and products available on this investment helping site. Also, under any circumstances you will not act against our employees, employer, officials, executives, members, partners and associates. You accept that Fidelity Helps as a whole is free from all kinds of claims and lawsuits that arise from any tangible or intangible losses before & after using our financial services. The moment you start accessing our services related to our  full range of financial products you indirectly express your satisfaction with our term that we are free from any kind of loss that occurs at any point of  investment following our advice.

; investment following our advice.